Reunion- (An Alternate Universe story)





This short story I consider AU, as without a certain decision made, it never would have happened.


He sat in the wheelchair on his swaying millionaire yacht, watching the waves as the moonlight reflected off the silver mercury water.  It was late and quiet, but the rhythm of whispering rolled across his ears.  He fumbled with his shaky hands and drew his jacket closer in protection against the damp.  He knew, from his hearing, that his employees were awaiting his signal, but he ignored them as he followed his drifting thoughts to events from years past.

This would be his last year to visit this special spot.  His unexpressed wish was that one of his two sons would take up his yearly vigil.  They were good boys, tall, handsome, lanky, intelligent, and a ready smile with good humor.  Inheriting his eyes, built and skin tone, they were never without female companionship.  His lips smirked as he thought of his boys and their girls.  He was glad that they had made it through college before they tied the knot.   He didn't begrudge his daughter-in-laws, no, they were lovely ladies who doted on him.  Between the two of them, they had presented him with a new grandchild for six straight years.

He grinned and rubbed his mustache as he again felt their tiny, wrapped bodies in his arms.  He remembered their touch as they wrapped their fingers around his thumb.  He was blessed that his line would continue and all his efforts and hard work was not in vain.  Of course, it did help that he had inherited two fortunes, back when the accident happened.  It'd been hard to continue on and for years he grieved over the death of his friends.  There were stipulations in both of their wills and each year he accounted for his actions with the lawyers.  The fortunes had tripled every four years through his interests in the new computer chip, automotive and the entertainment industries.

He was lucky to have met a very special lady back when his friends were still alive. They raised their sons together and loved their grandchildren until a few years back, when she took ill.  She had lingered for seven months until she became too tired to continued the fight.  He missed her, but was glad that he would be seeing her soon.

It had been just a twinge, randomly felt, not much pain, at least not enough to take pain pills.  Then it got worse and he went to the doctor and came out stunned.  It was inoperative and he had been given five months.  He made his list and worked diligently to put a check mark by each entry.  This was the last.  He had redone his will the previous week leaving the NIMR to his younger son.  The young man had a flair for business and research and would make a fine leader.  His elder son would inherit the rest of the businesses with the stipulation that he would fund his brother's company until it was self sufficient again.  He didn't want the government involved in the creation and running of the new submarine, Seaview II, and his younger son was just the man to carry on the project.  He did have to go through the government red tape to get permission for a burial at sea, but in the end, the papers were signed and were residing in his lawyer's safe.

Once again the thought went through his head, “If only I hadn't taken the ten extra minutes to  listen to the Chief and continued the repairs on the bell.  We were too late to save them.”

He shivered as the wind picked up and blew water droplets over him.  It was time to leave.  He raised his arm to signal his handlers and they swooped in on him.  As they came and unlocked his wheelchair, he halted their progress and turned to look over the ocean again.  He relished the moment of peace, sat up straight and saluted his former submarine's final resting place.   He softly whispered, “I'll be seeing you, Lee and Admiral Nelson, very soon.” Allowing his employees to swing him about and throw a towel over his graying blond hair, Chip Morton's blue eyes didn't see the moonlight play among the clouds and highlight the sign on the location buoy.  It read “Submarine Seaview sunk here.” 


the end



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