Cookie's Lament


by LaJuan



Knuckling his eyes
To keep them dry.
Hiding his tears from the guys.
Oh, why did the Captain order onion fries?


Tapped to give a tour of the Mess
To a bunch of eggheads, I guess.
He wasn't happy, I confess,
To catch sight of the swishing dress.


Cookie gave a loud curse
At the Admiral's newest nurse.
She made matters worse
When she swung her new purse.


Face down into the pie.
He came up with a sigh.
He could kiss tonight's dessert goodbye
And have to create on the fly.


He looked in the corner at the supply
And wondered what ingredients to apply.
I wish I was that rowdy fly
That buzzed him around by and by.


As that fly, I knew I'd see
Spices, flour, eggs, nuts and honey of the bee.
He threw himself into creating with glee
A honeynut cake that would delight his Lee.


Alas, it wasn't meant to be
As the submarine rolled in the sea.
Flour, eggs, nuts, and honey settled on he
And others stood and laughed at the melee.


Wiping the mess off his head,
He really wanted to go to bed.
"A dessert I'll make!" he said.
"My Captain and Admiral will be fed!"


Once again, he went to create
For the officers, crew and first mate.
He didn't want them to wait,
So he vowed the dessert wouldn't be late.


With a pinch, a dollop, a dip,
A cup, a tablespoon, a sip,
A heated oven and a pancake flip,
He produced sugar cookies for Lee and Chip.


Back at the farm
They say the third time is the charm.
For him to have dough on his arm,
He figured there was no harm.


The next time Lee wanted special food,
Cookie decided he would fix him good.
As soon as possible, he knew he would
Stockpile frozen desserts as he could.


As they ate, he went to bed,
Allowing them to graze as they fed.
He craved the sleep in his head
And dreamed of dessert spoons being wed.



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