Flying Sub Driver

by LaJuan




                         Another humorous tale in poetic form by LaJuan.



Ski is below deck consumed with guilt.
He crashed the flying sub; it's covered with silt.
The Captain was teaching him how to fly.
Ski mixed up the controls; they were off with a cry.


With a sideways tilt and a loop to loop,
The flying sub quickly left her coop.
Fast she went up as far as we could see
And when she swooped down, we shouted with glee.
She did a sideways roll like a carnival ride.  
So expertly executed, we swelled with pride.
The Admiral muttered, "Back to the drawing board,"
As in the sky, the flying sub wheeled and soared.
She staggered midair, like a drunk taking a sip,
Recovered and headed down to take a dip.
We raced inside to the observation windows
And pressed our faces while standing on tiptoes.
She continued her antics for all to see,
Scaring away all fish, including guppies.
By now, I admit, we were truly amazed
Of Ski's abilities as we stretched and gazed.
The Admiral came up with sketchpad and pen,
Stood watching with us and rubbed his chin.
"She needs a modification on her fin."
Suddenly she disappeared; we stared where she'd been.
Morton changed the angle of the forward lens
And we found her again, buried up to her fins.
Two divers were coming, one yellow, one black,
Supporting each other at they swam back.
We went to the missile room to welcome them back,
But first called Doc to bring his first aid pack.
Waiting for "All Clear," we helped them out
And observed that Ski was in a pout.
Captain Crane was in pain from his injured arm
And was ready to ship Ski off to the farm.
The Admiral stood aside and just smiled.
He was making plans to get her fins tiled.
Sent to his quarters to think about his driving,
Ski missed out on the flying sub salvaging.
There was no damage as far as we could see
Unless one counts the Captain's pride and body.
"With one change, the lessons will continue, I declare,"
As the Admiral waved his pen in the air.
"You, Captain Crane, will take the conn
And Commander Morton will keep his seat belt on."
Ski has been notified of the changing guard.
Passing Morton's exam was going to be hard.
He's an exacting man, our current XO.
He has no problem stepping on our toe.
Sweating buckets of water on the day of the test.
We wish Ski well and tell him he's the best.
He walks away like a man about to die
And comes back smiling with his head held high.
When he comes back down, he starts to mutter
Realizing now he no longer can putter. 
"Might as well start charging a fiver,
As I'm now the Admiral's taxi cab driver."
We laugh as we hear his many complaints.
We pray each night to our many Saints.
Someday we'll progress from being a diver
And be promoted to being a flying sub driver. 




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