Lost Friend






A wonderful set of poems from LaJuan, these remind me of the story-telling of the Greek poets.  And while I have given each Lost Friend poem it's own page, I would highly suggest that you read them in order to get the full and poignantly beautiful impact.  




He walks the cold sands of the ocean beach
With angry strides and heated brow.
His grief and anguish was within reach.
Foul was the past event leading to now.


He couldn't believe his friend was gone.
A chunk of his soul was missing too.
For the first time in his retired years he felt so alone.
He was having trouble knowing what to do.


It was a split second between active and still
Just an unfortunate accident the doctor said.
Leaning too far out over the window sill
And his best friend was now dead.


The lighthouse home they shared was lonely.
Everything stayed in place with no messes.
He found evidence of his friend on the settee
And knew his memories would be precious.


The ocean gale drained him of his anger
And the cold pushed him from the sea foam.
While climbing the steps he made a detour
To investigate the sound under his home.


With his advanced age he fought the wind.
He wasn't sure he had heard it.
Down on the tricky limbs he grinned
And reached far and pulled out the kit.


He had the markings of his dame
And the spirit of the wild visiting tom
Hissing and spitting he wasn't tame
And he barely fit in the Admiral's palm.


Nelson silently thanked his deceased cat
For her gift of this forgotten son.
He named him Lee and promised to make him fat
So high windows the kitten would shun.


August 2006


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