Lost Friend II






He stalks the gangways of my memory
Clothed in black, dark hair shimmery.
Silently haunting my waking thought,
Like a spider's victim, I'm caught.


Fearful of the twilight state,
Guilt fills the darkened slate.
Oh, why did I interfere with his life,
Finding fault with his new wife?


When I said the words I broke the trust.
The relationship of years was bust.
Not understanding of his basic need,
I accused her of a grave misdeed. 


He cried, "With no proof, you have no right
To libel her name as black as night."
He labeled me then as his foe.
Blinded by love, he loved her so.


Time soon proved that he was wrong,
But even so he hung up the phone.
Slipping into slumber, I pay the fee
And dream the nightmare of leaving Lee.


His silent stares drove me to my car
And that day I gave him the NIMR.
I worked for years in my lighthouse lab
Secretly supporting his missions' tab.


I'm very proud of this man I once called friend
And I wish that someday his pride would bend.
Until that day I play with my cat that I named Lee
And we walk the sand of the beach beside the sea.


August, 2006


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