Lost Friend III





Up through the conning tower I climb
And I leave the Seaview for the very last time.
I look out over the double line of salutes
And the crew's fine display of tribute.


Old friends are missing from the deck
And I'm mad enough to give them heck.
Our new sub, SeaDiver, rocks gently in the bay
And like a siren, she invites us out to play.


Lee and Harry should be here with grins.
Without their presence, I experience chagrin.
I swear I will break their stubborn pride
And live to see them on SeaDiver's topside.


I carefully plot on the chart table my revenge
Knowing in the end, they will cringe.
Life's too short, I've always heard
And this time I intend to have the last word.


I may be Captain Chip Morton to most
But I'm changing my ways to bring them to post.
Slipping back into my long past role of XO
I'll find Admiral Crane and step on his toe.


Swallowing pride, Lee's convinced of his shame
He speaks with longing Harry's name.
Agreeing to forgive the unkind remark
We leave in the FS5 to find our patriarch.


I stand and watch from the deck of the lighthouse home
On the beach talking, they dodge the approaching sea foam.
Harry's wrinkled hand gives Lee's shoulder gentle pats
And the old friends are stalked by the new family of cats.


August, 2006


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