Lost Friend IV






From the lighthouse Admiral Morton leaves in FS8
Flying low over the bay and viewing her final state.
Captain O'Brien nursed her here for Harry and I to enjoy.
"Submarine Seaview Sunk Here" came up attached to the buoy.


NIMR's busy providing a sister sub for SeaDiver.
Junior Officer Kowalski will be the XO sub driver.
Executive Officer Sparks is to be the new Captain,
And he will determine her course; of that I am certain.


I look down at the sun kissed embossed invitation
For Harry and I to be on deck for the celebration.
On the inaugural voyage of the sub SeaVoyager,
I'll tour her and verify uniqueness not of a forger.


I sit back and think of past time and mistakes made.
The gap in our friendship was the price I paid.
I watch the seagulls swirl, swoop and play
And regret loving an ex-wife who got her own way.


In penitence, my life is quiet and monochrome.
I live here with Harry in our lighthouse home.
On walks we meet gale breezes, morning mists and a gentle purr.
I find I'm his companion, friend, son and, sometimes, father.


I have no regrets of spending this time with him
We talk of old missions and brighten details that are dim.
Long life has been given to both of us
And I'm content and will enjoy just hearing him fuss.


He's taken a good nap, this Admiral of mine
And, in habit, I'll go upstairs to make sure he's fine.
I look down at the grandson of his cat, Lee
And I call my young cat, Harry, to accompany me.


September, 2006



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