Lost Friend V






As I sit on the lighthouse deck and gaze across the bay,
My thoughts drift backward in time to that fateful day.
When he came to tell me of her cheats and lies,
He left me in my heart crying out, "Why?"


I was visited by my wife's ex-husband that day.
We sat on the back dock overlooking the bay.
He talked of past betrayals and hurt feelings
From her sexual addictions and bad dealings.


He told me of her visit to him and of their cheat
And how, even with her faults, he still felt the heat.
My mind went into a daze as he continued his tale.
I just couldn't fathom he was talking of my sweet Gail.


This was the exotic, willowy blonde of my dreams,
She, who was the final object of all my schemes.
Denying him of his satisfaction, I ordered him to go.
He cried, "When you open your eyes, you'll tell of your woe."


The next day at the office in a casual conversation,
Admiral Nelson told of seeing her in an indiscretion.
I shouted to him, "My wife's not a street walker.
You have no right to paint her name darker."


From that day forward, I protected her in everything
And moved my office to another part of the NIMR wing.
I treated Harry Nelson as one of my enemies
And placed him in my mind with the devil's deities.


Nothing Chip Morton said would change my mind,
Not knowing on my desk the lawyer's letter I would find.
NIMR was mine to run as I saw fit.
The knowledge Harry was gone was a solid hit.


Two weeks later, Gail brought me the legal decree.
She was going back to her true love; she had been using me.
My pride was too much to beg her to stay
And like my wounded friend, Harry, I watched her go away.


When he called two months later, I had no courage to listen,
And when I heard him on the phone, my voice went missin'.
I wore my pride around me; it was my body armor.
I concentrated on my work and never stopped to ponder.


We built the new submarine and named her SeaDiver
And had many staff members vie to be her sub driver.
I gave her to Captain Chip Morton to put her through her paces
While I hid in my corner office away from their accusing faces.


Until the day when Chip busted in and made me see my shame,
I thought I could go through life year-by-year and play the game.
He made me realize my loneliness and how I missed my friend
And told me if I would forgive Harry, my heart would mend. 


Chip was right and many years I've lived in this lighthouse,
Caring for my Admiral and no longer feeling like a louse.
I sit here by the bay and watch the playing cats run by me
And laugh at the antics of Harry and Lee number three.


September, 2006


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