Pat's Vigil





Once again we're told there's little hope
And half the crew's praying to the pope.
ONI gave the call and, of course, you went.
You lay on Sick Bay's gurney with energy spent.


When you first came on board we were suspicious.
Taking orders from you would not be delicious.
But you got mad when one of us was in danger
And risked your life like the old lone ranger.


Skipper, why do you go through such a course
Of hazards and pain that leads to a hearse?
You are our leader and you've been fair.
We'll shield you from harm because we care.


I've watched you and tried to learn your ways,
But there's not enough time in my days.
Gossip has it you're a ladies' man
With flashing teeth, they are your fan.


Oh, what I would give to see your amber eyes,
Smiling face, and no good-byes.
But you are lying there quietly still
And we hope for life you have the will.


Life is precious to all of us.
We're not ready for you to board heaven's bus.
Continue to live and make us proud
So, in our excitement, we can be loud.


But for now, until you wake
My watch over you I'll continue to take.
Ski is here to take his shift.
Please, Captain, wake up and our vigil will lift.


As I leave the future comes in a flash.
Ski will see your fluttering lash.
The crew will celebrate and call their wives
Telling of our black-haired panther with nine lives.



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