Second Sight



LaJuan has a wonderful and droll way with the words in this poetic story about an unusual talent.



Back in LA, there's so much smog
Your sinus cavities fill with fog.
Here in this ocean so wide and deep
The air is quiet without a peep.


I gaze upon the stars at night
And marvel at how they got so bright. 
Up here I stand on the forward deck
Knowing below me is the Titanic wreck.


Tomorrow morning I'll take the swim
With the skipper and Ski into the ocean dim.
We'll explore the boat in her watery grave
With regrets of all the lives she gave.


Admiral Nelson will guide our play
As Commander Morton sends us away.
Chief Sharkey will grumble from Sick Bay
And Doc will fight to make him stay.


I hear a noise upon the tide.
It's only water slapping the starboard side.
Looking around I view the ice
And I know the temperature isn't nice.


Pulling my collar up around my neck,
I begin my walk across the deck. 
I'll go within the sub tonight
And be ready to go at dawn's first light.


I grin as Riley calls out, "Pat"
And wait while he adjusts his sailor hat.
Together we climb to the conning tower
And feel the engines idle with power.


Once we are in, we close the hatch
And I challenge him to a card match. 
We only have a little time,
I'm very sure I'll take his dime.


Lying in my rack, it's twenty-two o'five.
I hear Morton's latest command, "Dive, all dive."
Settling down into the ocean deep
The gray lady, Seaview, and I go to sleep.


My dreams start sweet and end up hard.
I wake gasping and deny the death card.
I'm forewarned to protect Captain Crane
From the giant squid below and certain pain.


It's time to swim and I follow the man.
I'll stick close to him and execute my plan. 
He signals to go back and I'm glad
That I saw the giant eye and nudged him a tad.


On topside he looks at me strange.
No matter what comes, I won't change.
Protecting my Captain is my right
As I have inherited Grandma's second sight.



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