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A tense moment during the second season episode, "Leviathan." In this one a visiting scientist has put a chemical in the salt that has the crew imagining all sorts of things so that when they arrive at the submarine station they will not be surprised to see the scientist's partner and true love a bit on the large size.  The men have been doing a lot of head scratching by this time.

I always loved the way these two men worked together. It was so obvious that the actors' shared a very great respect for and friendship with one another. Of course I felt the same way for all of them. I think this is what set this series apart from Irwin's other series, even when the eps got sillier. So when the plots themselves were crazy, you could still watch the actors, who rose above the silliness, see their own nuances into the characters they played and enjoy how they interacted with one another. Okay, off my soapbox.  Enjoy the pictures.  From KimQ unless otherwise noted.                                                                                                                                                                  



From the second season episode, "The Sky's On Fire."   Yet another tense moment with the Admiral and XO.  



From the second season episode, "The Phantom Strikes," Chip and Patterson are investigating the mysterious U-boat before Krueger appears.




While the picture isn't totally sharp, the episode, "Mutiny," was.  It was riveting and a wonderful peek into the characters of the men running the Seaview.  In this one, Nelson is acting bizarrely during the visit of his friend, Adm. Jiggs Starke.   At first Starke is very disgruntled with the young Captain, but when Crane 'mutinies' in order to save the boat and crew from Nelson's destructive orders and actions, he changes his mind about Crane.  Nelson's behavior turns out to be a severe allergic reaction to a drug administered after he had been adrift at sea for several days.  

This one was from Stephanie, I believe.



Loved Henry Kulky as Chief Curley Jones.  He was perfect as COB.  This is from the first season episode, "Price of Doom."



Another treat for the eyes from "Leviathan."



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