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More Pairs




A bit of verbal sparring between Crane and Morton before the latter heads out for shore leave. Those grins are evidence that Chip wasn't planning on sitting alone on the beach for the duration. In fact, in this scene, Morton has just given Lee an inkling of his plans. Lucky girl. There was a girl in Lee's plans, too, (one of the passengers on the experimental cruise), but the sailing wasn't the least bit smooth when someone started killing the members of the skeleton crew during the episode, "Death Ship." Crane was left with a girl, all right, but she wasn't in the mood for smooching.




This was one of the few times when we got more than a glimpse of Sparks, (Arch Whiting), especially of his rank.   (Picture from KimQ)




I am at a loss to determine which episodes these are from, but they are first season. I never tire of watching these two work together. There was such a wonderful chemistry between the actors that showed through to the characters, if that makes sense.

(I believe I have Stephanie to thank for these nice pictures from her collection of screen captures she made before the DVD's came out.)



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