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The Return of the Phantom









After Krueger displays his ability to destroy the crew of Seaview, the admiral is forced to sacrifice his captain to satisfy the blood-thirsty phantom.  The angle of the camera, the lighting, makes the scene where Nelson shoots Crane very intense. (Unless otherwise marked, the pictures on this page were generously donated by Carol. My profound thanks! Carol caught this right after the shot is fired.) 




Crane in sickbay, attended to by Doc, who states that Crane is in deep shock.


Nelson, also in sickbay, is frantic trying to warn Doc and anyone else who'll listen that Krueger is trying to take over Crane's body.




Doc, astonished that not only has the admiral shot Crane, but is equally astounded that the captain is suddenly well enough to get up and return to duty.   (Picture donated by KimQ with thanks.)

The men who watched the admiral cold-bloodedly gun down Crane are flabbergasted when they see their Skipper arriving in the conn, apparently hale and hearty-- none the worse for wear, except for a demeanor that would freeze ice.



Crane, possessed by Krueger, orders Morton to have Nelson put under arrest. Then he prepares to leave the boat. It will be Morton who will be instrumental in freeing Nelson to plan a rescue of Crane.


In the conn, possessed and plotting his strategy. Did it suddenly get twenty degrees chillier in the boat?


Krueger is stalking the girl he wants his lady love, Lani, to possess. First the set-up and then the confrontation in the graveyard.



When Lani refuses to take possession of the girl, Maria, he's frantic.

When Krueger leaves Crane's body to chase after Lani, Crane apologizes to the girl for his actions toward her.  Soon Nelson will arrive to save the day and get rid of Krueger.



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