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"Submarine Sunk Here"





In "Submarine Sunk Here" Seaview is severely damaged when it ventures into a mine-field. This was a very intense story, one of the best of the first year. Indeed, it's considered among the best of the entire series.  Lt. O'Brien, Capt. Crane and Adm. Nelson assess the problem and try to figure out how to survive.

All pictures are from KimQ unless otherwise noted.



Another intense moment when O'Brien is trying to reassure the crewman (among them Kowalski, second from right) about their situation. There wasn't much to reassure them about.

Survival depended on someone finding their distress buoy.




Even though this isn't a really sharp shot, it's a good one of Cmdr. Morton, who, with Chief Jones managed to lower the barely repaired diving bell to the stricken sub and rescue the men aboard in the nick of time.     (Not sure where I got this, but I thank the contributor.)





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