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"Men at Work"




I have received some very nice group shots of the boys. These are from a variety of episodes and from several contributors. My sincere thanks.



This is from the 3rd season episode, "The Terrible Toys," where the men are trying to save the sub from seemingly innocent toys that are really deadly weapons. 

Again, we have Crane in the 'banana' suit.

(Picture from KimQ) 


From the first season episode, "Doomsday," the crew erroneously think that there is an imminent nuclear attack on the United States. They had just crossed the equator and were participating in an initiation for new crewmen, (hence the paraphernalia on the charting table.)

(Picture from Hoosier Sue)




This should be men at leisure, rather than men at work. However, in this episode, they deserved it. This is at the end of the 2nd year episode, "Leviathan" after they had figured out the weird phenomena and taken care of the over-large scientist trying to destroy them. The weirdness was a hallucinogen placed in the crews' salt shakers. So "Pass the salt, Lee." (Another goodie from KimQ)




Really neat picture from the 2nd season episode, "The Machines Strike Back." I like the way they did the medium long shot that shows the command crew in the observation nose almost as though looking from over the shoulder of someone at the helm controls.

(From KimQ)




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