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Deadly Waters




These are pictures recently sent to me from KimQ from the episode, Deadly Waters. Probably my all time least favorite episode of the third season, still there were some good moments. As has happened before, Seaview is severely damaged on the ocean floor and time is running out for both the boat and the crew. It's up to Kowalski's brother, Stan, a Navy deep sea diver, to save the day with a special deep dive suit. Problem is, he's not budging and seems to have a very unmilitary attitude toward his superior officers. 



When Crane can't get Stan Kowalski to go to the surface in the special suit, the options are limited.



Chip and Nelson assessing the situation. They can't come up with anything either. 


Crane got lots of time in the water in this one and it wasn't all pleasant. In fact none of it was too fun.




Two shots of the blue-eyed ones under stress. Nelson looks like he'd like to sock Stan and I don't blame him. Ski's brother should have been slapped up side the head big time.




Crane finally tries to go out in the deep diving suit, but without proper instructions from Stan, he fails in his efforts to save the crew.


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