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Captain Lee Crane


Commander Lee B. Crane was an equally intriguing character, in my opinion.  When I was watching Voyage as a young teen-ager, Crane was my favorite character as well as David Hedison being my first teen crush. (Wish I had all those Sixteen magazines now!)  

Handsome, strong, virile, decisive and with the core essence of duty and honor, Captain Crane was my vision of the ideal military man, my father excepted, of course.  I definitely had visions of joining the Navy when I got older. David Hedison was the perfect choice for the part of the sub commander.




Commander Lee Crane. 

Every time that man walked through the control room (or any other room, for that matter), my teen-age heart went pit-a-pat.   The television version of Crane, like the TV version of Nelson was so much better than the film version ever thought of being.      (All pictures on this page courtesy of KimQ)




In this shot from "Monster from Outer Space" Crane has been violently taken over by an alien entity.  Even so, he still shows glimpses of his former sense of duty and honor when he tries to make the admiral's take-over much easier than his was, once or twice over-ruling the other alien-controlled crewmembers. 

Another less than sensible plot premise that had great scenes and some good insight to character. 

Oh, my and those lovely, lovely, smoldering amber hazel eyes.




This tense moment was from "Killers of the Deep" a very well done knock-off of David Hedison's first film, The Enemy Below.  Here Captain Crane has just been rescued/captured by an enemy submarine.                         


  You did get to see the Captain in a lighter mood sometimes and that gave us viewers some pit-a-pat moments, too.  This is a shot from "Silent Saboteurs," another second season episode.



Oh, wow, another smile!  But then Crane loved to show off his (well, the admiral's actually) new baby, the Flying Sub.  This is from the second season episode "The Left-Handed Man."  This was a taut and exciting episode and this scene is when Lee is showing off the new submersible jet to a senator who turns out to be working for a bad guy.  It didn't look as though the senator was having as much fun, but I know I was.           


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