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Lt. Commander Chip Morton



I will have to admit that I didn't pay much attention to the Executive Officer when I first watched Voyage, but an older, wiser viewer definitely sees the advantages in such a devoted to duty, as well as to his crew, XO.  Chip was a character missing from the original movie but not only necessary on a wonderful creation like the Seaview, but also very well played by Robert Dowdell.  I don't think I will ever hear anyone mention Chip again without seeing in my mind his reactions to the situations presented in the episode, "The Mermaid."  






Blond can definitely be beautiful, and this is the perfect example.  This is an altered Chip picture from a screen capture I got from KimQ.  For some reason, I don't get many Chip pictures from her.  Chip, too, was devoted to his crew and the boat.  From the episode "Leviathan."




Commander Charles P. Morton on duty.  Another cute Navy man with intense blue eyes.  This is a case where the term "blonde is beautiful" applies.  (I am not sure where I got this one-- KimQ, I think. How did it happen that I got such an exquisite Chip picture? I decided, too, if I had to add identifiers, it would be in a color that closely matched those gorgeous eyes!)


A first season goodie, "Submarine Sunk Here."   Chip and Curley busted their butts trying to get to the stricken Seaview in the diving bell.  And like the heroes they were, they succeeded even while under great duress.     (I am not sure where I got this picture, but thanks anyway!)



Another look at those incredibly intense blue eyes. Dowdell was good!

This picture was donated by LaJuan. 



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