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LaJuan's Voyage Wallpapers




What LaJuan has done for Lancer, she has done here for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Wonderful wallpapers and commentary on how she did them.  And she isn't done yet!





All the pictures stair step down to the man in charge, Admiral Nelson.
This was the first time I used the shadow behind the text.  I think it
gives depth to the wallpaper.  The faded out background is a picture of a
tornado in the clouds above my house.



The man might have been shorter than his team, but his presence and
piercing blue eyes commanded attention. I wanted to reflect this in his
wallpaper.  The background is an Oklahoma storm cloud.



He grabbed my attention as a teen and still has it as an adult.  I wanted
to capture his intensity and his various expressions in this wallpaper.  I
tilted the middle picture to artistically tie the side pictures together.



Tall, fair, slender, quiet, intense all describe Lee's best friend and
Executive Officer, Chip Morton.  He can fade into the background or be
in the middle of the action.  I wanted to capture his expressions as
well as some action scenes.  This wallpaper has a different cloud
formation for the background shot.

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