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On this page, I want to highlight some of the other characters from Voyage; those men who were semi-regulars playing the junior officers and seamen who kept the action going.  Some have been memorable even when they have only been there for one season or even just a few episodes.   

Most of the pictures here are from KimQ and LaJuan.  There are a few I have received that I didn't notate exactly who--my apologies.          Enjoy!



Sharkey, (Terry Decker) came aboard during the second season.  Stu Riley (played by Alan Hunt) was only on board during the second season.  Kowalski (Del Monroe) was a jack of all trades and was on board during all four seasons.  It was fun to pick out the interesting quirks in each character during the run of the series.  Sharkey often seemed befuddled, trying hard to act knowledgeable on something that he really didn't have a clue about.  At other times, though, he was the epitome of efficiency.  Stu Riley was the hip California surfer boy who seemed to hide a great deal of good common sense under a facade of "cool."   Kowalski was often very quick in his judgments, good or bad, but he was a good man to have protecting your back, unless he was dealing with a ghost.

(Most of these pictures came from KimQ)




In the episode "Monster from Outer Space" Riley is one of the first crewmen taken over by the creature that hitched a ride on board a space capsule. 




Kowalski seemed to be one of the few crewmen who was capable of flying the Flying Sub.   This is from the second season episode "Silent Saboteurs" when he, Captain Crane and Chief Sharkey tried to slip into an enemy country on the Flying Sub. 




From "Leviathan" Sharkey is playing a card game with several crewman, wearing his 'lucky shirt'.  It didn't seem to work as he saw and was discombobulated by the same hallucinations that the rest of the crew were subject to in that episode.  

Sharkey was an enigmatic character, easily worked for whatever end by the writers. He could be extremely alert, brave and smart at one moment and be somewhat dim, befuddled and naive at others. Sharkey was played by Terry Becker and worked well off Adm. Nelson (Basehart), helped by the fact that the two actors became good friends. 




Doc was never named, but most fans assume that the name is the same as that of the doctor in the movie version, that of Dr. Will Jamieson.  While Doc (Richard Bull) wasn't more than a semi regular fixture, played by different actors, he had to have been around a great deal more than he was seen as there was always someone being taken to sick bay.  


Seaman Patterson, (Paul Trinka), like Kowalski, was a jack of all trades, too.  Pat was fiercely loyal to his superiors, mostly a quiet but efficient member of the crew and didn't seem to be subject to the same quick flashes of temper as his buddy, Ski.  Here, on Dinosaur Island, he is faced with a choice of turning against his skipper to save his life.  He sticks with the captain. 




Lt. O'Brien was also a semi-regular character, who was nonetheless usually there for times when both the captain and executive officer were away from the conn.  O'Brien (Derrik Lewis) was usually calmly dedicated, but there were moments, (such as the first season thriller, "Submarine Sunk Here") when all hell broke loose and it was difficult to maintain a sense of decorum. 

Lt. JG Sparks (no real name ever given) always seemed to be on duty.  He calmly relayed important messages to the admiral and captain, was an efficient and dedicated crewmember.  Sparks (Arch Whiting) is also a favorite in fan fiction. 


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