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On this page I have placed some more of my favorite pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  (And again, if you have a favorite that you would like me to put up on these pages, please let me know.)




This is a favorite among favorites.  Thanks go to KimQ for capturing this for me.   To me, it shows the perfect casting of the leads of Voyage.  David and Richard worked so well together.  I don't have a clue from which episode this shot came or if it was a publicity shot, but it's a winner!   




Captain Crane prepares to infiltrate an enemy country with the aide of Sharkey and Kowalski.  From the episode "The Silent Saboteurs."

(see more banana suit shots on page 12)


      A very nice picture from KimQ of the skipper and XO of Seaview.  During a tense moment in the the episode "Leviathan." I guess I'd be tense, too, if I was seeing all kinds of things that weren't there and then having a giant shake up the boat.



Another nice picture from KimQ.  This is from "Escape from Venice" a second season spy thriller.  While on an intelligence mission, Crane was discovered, shot and hunted all over the Italian city.  This takes place after Lee is rescued by Nelson, Riley and Sharkey, patched up and is ready to sing the secret code.  One of those happy moments from both characters that allowed the audience (and adoring fans) to see those mischievous (and iceberg melting) smiles from our heroes.   Most of the action was tense, but it was nice to see the rare moment of pleasure.




Chest alert!   This open shirt shot is from the first season episode "The Fearmakers."  Very nice action shot where a fear gas has created mayhem on the submarine.




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