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This is a phenomenal shot from the episode "Terror on Dinosaur Island." In this episode, there is a side plot where the issues of death, guilt and revenge are very nicely dealt with. The sub is attacked by a prehistoric monster which causes a breach in one of the compartments. A crewman is trapped and Crane has to order the hatch shut to save the boat. The crewman's buddy plots his revenge against the captain and finally confronts him on the island while a group led by the captain is trying to find Nelson and Sharkey. This shot shows Captain Crane just after the seaman has accused him of killing his buddy. Crane shouts to him, "Do you think I wanted to give that order?" 

KimQ caught this one beautifully.




My thanks to Stephanie for these.

These are shots from another of my favorite episodes, "The Enemies."  In this one, Crane and Nelson investigate an island where a submarine was destroyed under mysterious circumstances.  The two men are taken prisoner, isolated from one another and then released in an experiment to see if they will become enemies and kill each other.  In order to do this, they have to eat the drug tainted fruit growing on the island. Crane succumbs and tries to kill the admiral, but Nelson is able to thwart their captors and save himself & Lee. 


Another first season goodie.  (The episode, I mean!   On the other hand, this picture is a sure-fire eye popping, heart palpitation photo.)

Ahem!  Anyway, this is from "City Beneath the Sea" where Crane goes undercover to try to figure out what caused the disappearance of two ships.  He finds a great deal more than he bargained for when he discovers the existence of a city operating at the ocean's bottom. The perk is that there's a pretty girl involved, something that was in short supply after the second season.

Picture courtesy of KimQ



Clothing Statement

It is a fact that when the men weren't wearing their uniforms, they often reflected the time frame in which the show was filmed.  While we can look back and chuckle, I honestly feel that these guys couldn't take a bad picture.   Well, okay, most of the time they couldn't.... Pictures courtesy of KimQ



From "Monster from Outer Space."  The robe certainly looked better than Nelson's striped pajamas! There's Riley's radical plaid jacket, too! This is from "The X Factor."



Nice capture of the command crew by KimQ.  This is from "The Sky's on Fire," the television adaptation of the movie in which Nelson tries to avert the total destruction of the world when the Van Allen Belt ignites.  You would have thought by now that the nay-sayers would have figured that Nelson actually could save the world.  He'd already done it a few times!



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