Zorro's Pacific Odyssey is a trilogy in which Diego de la Vega finds himself shanghaied and at the mercy of a vindictive sea captain. (Zorro and the Outward Journey) Then he is a fugitive in a land forbidden and strange to him. (Zorro and the Forbidden Country) When Zorro finally reaches home, he must finish the fight he began months before against a deadly foe determined to kill any who stand in their way--and Zorro is determined to stand in their way! (Zorro and the Deadly Homecoming) You can find the trilogy at Bold Venture Press and Amazon.com.


Zorro is a character I began creating stories about at the beginning of my writing career. I love everything about Zorro--his daring, courage, cunning, incredible sense of fairness, and his prowess in horsemanship, swordplay, and the whip. I also have a short story in the anthology, Zorro's Daring Escapades and Zorro's Exploits. (Bold Venture Press and Amazon)


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