Zorro Sightings



We find the influence and evidence of our hero in many places.  One such place is the Northbrook Public Library in Illinois.  There Zorro has a brick in his honor , donated by Ms. Randi Scott.




Above is the brick.  To the left is the certificate that came with the purchase of the brick.

What a cool way to remember Zorro!



Picture courtesy of the online Jeopardy game.  

It would seem that Zorro is popular with the number one rated game show.  Zorro or Guy clues have been seen twice by observant fans.  Says Judi:  "Did anyone see yesterday's (Dec. 29th, 2002) Jeopardy program on ABC?  It was not a rerun, but a current show.  One of the categories was 'Horse Sense'.  You've got it!  One of the clues was 'Guy Williams rode Tornado as this hero'.  The current champion quickly rang in and answered correctly with a great big smile on his face."  And Rita had previously mentioned this one:  "Jeopardy has used our Zorro at least one other time.  A few years back while I was washing dishes I heard, 'Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes....'  I ran to the TV to see a very happy contestant and host smiling over the question -- 'Who is Zorro?' "      Thanks, Rita and Judi.  



Zorro is also popular with the Jumble puzzle in the daily newspapers.   Created by David Hoyt, this one was submitted by Randi Scott.  Kind of easy to see that one.  Thanks, Randi!!                                                      Picture courtesy of Tribune Media Services.  



Zorro in a Tabloid:  

Yes, you read the subject line right, I found Zorro in a tabloid.  Ok, I only read tabloids when one of my friends or  myself is having a bad day and we need a good laugh. Yesterday my friend was having a bad day so after getting our chocolate, because we always feel better after chocolate, we picked up "Weekly World News"  with the headline "Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction -Killer Dinosaurs!"  When we got home I started flipping through it near the back there was a small part called "Mystery Eyes" and below was five different actors who had played Zorro four in masks. It was easy for me to tell who was who.  Even my friends knew most of them.  I  wish I had a scanner but I don't.  The only thing they got wrong on this little part was on the 5th pic they put the clue "The Original Swashbuckler" but they put a pic of Tyrone Power. Its a tabloid so they cant get everything right ;-) Guy was in there as was Banderas, Hamilton and Hopkins.  I thought I was interesting and would share.  

Tina G. 



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