Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Zorro




Thoughts for life.......

by Shari Ann Snelling



Take a stand for what you know is right, even if you are standing alone.

Be willing to appear inadequate; what people think about you is far less important than what you know about yourself.

Your closest friend is one who can give good advice without saying a word.

Never think you can keep a secret from your father.

Dress for the occasion.

Be willing to make an entrance.

Buy drinks for a friend. Heíll appreciate it and you might learn something of value.

Dogs will give you away every time. A good horse is manís best friend.

Never use a door when a window will do.

Always keep your sword polished.

Never be the last to leave the party.

Anyone who keeps his hat and sword on when entering a church cannot be trusted.

Donít be afraid to go out on a limbÖor up on a roof.

Never underestimate the value of surprise.

You can dress entirely in black without looking like you are going to a funeral.

If the one you love canít see who you really are, let her/him go.

People will believe what their eyes tell them is true.

How he treats his inferiors speaks volumes about a personís character.

The ability to jump down from high places is worth mastering.

A piercing whistle can summon aid in seconds.

Be accurate. A properly aimed flowerpot can save lives.

Even heroes need a confidant.

Donít depend on only one ability. Just because you are skilled with a sword doesnít mean a whip and a pistol wonít come in handy too.

A dozen soldiers on horseback are no match for one well-trained horse.

Keep a healthy sense of humor. Life is often filled with absurdity.

Always stay one step ahead of the competition.

A trusted friend who can take your place in a pinch may be a real lifesaver.

Do the unexpected. It can help you succeed and it will enhance your reputation.

When everything you hold dear is on the line, you will find out who your friends really are.

Some things really are worth risking your life for.

Fight with everything you have, but know when to retreat.

Darkness can be your ally.

Pay attention to details. Sometimes even a feather carries a wealth of meaning.

Make use of the materials at hand. Chandeliers arenít just for lighting.

First impressions are crucial if you want to command respect.

A sense of mystery about you can be powerfully attractive to the opposite sex.

Donít be afraid to take risks. Careful planning can only take you so far.

Donít worry about being misunderstood. Sometimes it just comes with the territory.

Be prepared to have your enemies attack your motives. Eventually the truth about why you do what you do will become clear.

Maintain a healthy respect for sacred places. They can provide sanctuary in a time of crisis.

Keep a clear head even while pouring another glass of wine for others.

Dinner parties are a good opportunity to observe others without being obvious.

Be ready and willing to answer a call for help.

Always leave your mark on what you do.

May, 2002


As soon as I saw Shari's list, I knew that it had to posted on a site somewhere for all to read.  It is simultaneously thoughtful, wry, insightful and filled with a delicious good humor.  And there are many truths in these sentences. 

Thanks so much, Shari, for letting me post this here on my site.  I feel very honored. 



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