The Hernando Stories




The commonality in this set of stories is a young man named Hernando de Cordoba.  When I wrote the first story, I had no thoughts of any sequels, but the second story came quickly.  Then when they had read the first two, someone mentioned that there should be a third.  Thus came Swordsman's Revenge, Ramon; a Good Samaritan story, and Journey into Danger.   The last one was almost lost when I found after several years of inactivity, that I had somewhere misplaced almost a whole chapter.  But thankfully, most of it came back to me and for better or for worse, the story survived.    I hope you enjoy reading Hernando's adventures with Zorro as much as I enjoyed writing them.  

Zorro, Diego, Alejandro, Bernardo and Tornado and the rest of the WD pantheon are owned by others and I use them with much gratitude.  Hernando, his friends and family are my creations and I don't mind them stepping into another's story, just ask me first, please. 




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