Transformation II



Picture from Ans. Thanks!


A darkened cave,
A midnight horse, 
Eager, loyal.
His eyes declare.
I answer, mounting.


Bursting from the shadows
of my secrets, 
of my doubts
Into the bright moonlight
of my determination.


The hooves dance,
The power builds.
I say with my knees.
Onward, the muscles underneath me say.


we leap forward against injustice,
Against cruelty.
The wind propels us,
It is our friend.
The darkness caresses,
It is our brother.


The soft rustle of silk,
The tiny jangle of metal,
Squeak of leather, 
Drumming of hooves
Reassure, strengthen.


We find tyrants,
The sword of my conscience is unsheathed,
It flashes, it speaks.
It laughs.
I laugh.


There is hope in the eyes of the victims,
The oppressed flee,
Find freedom, gain life.
My joy at their renewal bursts forth,
I shout, I laugh, 
I dance a waltz with death,
I win.


I see hatred in the eyes of the tyrants,
There is none in my own. 
My enemies are subdued, 
Thwarted, cowed.
Their seeds of bitterness
Crushed, trampled,
Torn from their gardens of avarice, malice and greed.


Soldiers arrive, 
Quietly, I disappear, 
Like smoke.
The night caresses us.
There is happiness, 
I have made a difference, 
I am content.


January, 2000



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