The Night Before Christmas in the Vault





With many apologies to Clement Moore. 

This was written upon the announcement that Vault Disney would be closed permanently several years ago. 




Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the Vault,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even Old Walt.


No stockings were hung,
The mantle was bare
The fire was cold
Sadness was in the air.


Jiminy Cricket was on the windowsill
Tears in his eyes
"Why did they do it?
"Are we so much despised?"


"Do the children not like us?
Have the adults forgotten us, too?"
Were the plaintive questions
That made everyone blue.


Francis Marion sighed heavily
Ludwig von Drake turned away
Charlie the cougar curled in a dark corner
And Sammy the seal wouldn't play.


The darkness was cloying,
The air thick with despair
Elfego Baca was silent
Michael Eisner didn't care.


But then in the dimness
Came a spark of white light,
Something that flashed and sparkled
And then glowed somewhat bright.


"My friends, will we just sit here
And cry in despair,
Or will we have hope
Knowing that someone does care?


All the Vault denizens looked up
And saw a smile in the dark,
A brightness of hope
That gave their sad hearts some spark.


The black figure laughed
And flashing his blade
Said, "Never fear, my dear friends
Our names are too well made."


"As long as there is a mother
Or a girl or a boy,
As long as there are stories
Our names will linger and give joy.


Minnie and Mickey will not be forgotten
Neither Chip nor Dale,
The Three Caballeros and Goofy
Davy and Johnny will prevail.


We must put our trust
In those who with us grew
In those who dream large dreams
And are loyal and true.


They will not let us down
They will ever be there.
They won't let us die
Because they really do care.


It's a tough fight, my friends,
But win it we must
For we stand for too much
To be sent to the dust.


We stand for laughter
And joy and hope
We stand for integrity
And the ability to cope.


So will we give up?
Or trust our friends to do right?"
The dark man asked,
His hopeful smile still bright.


The cheers filled the dimness
With joy and with peace
As long as there were young hearts
Their memories would not cease....


Christmas, 2002
To all the young hearts everywhere......


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