Zorro Stanzas


I want to thank William Armstrong for coming up with this idea.  First rate and I enjoyed all of the verses from the beginning to the enda.....    I also want to thank Minnie Lopez for the idea of the color scheme.  I really thought it added something to the verses.      sue



The original Disney's Zorro Theme Song: : 

Out of the night                                         When the full moon is bright                   Comes the horseman known as Zorro             This bold renegade                                      Carves a Z with his blade                                 A Z that stands for Zorro

Zorro, the fox so cunning and free              Zorro, who makes the sign of the "Z."


He is polite,                                                   But the wicked take flight                         When they catch the sight of Zorro.              He's a friend of the weak                                and the poor and the meek                          This very unique, Seņor Zorro!

Zorro, the fox so cunning and free,          Zorro, who makes the sign of the "Z."

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro, Zorroooooo!




Now for the new ones:




The Capitan                                             Came up with a plan                              He would prove Diego was Zorro           But he failed to take heed                      So his plan didn't succeed                      Adios, Seņor Monastario                   

Zorro, the fox so cunning and free          Zorro, who makes the sign of the "Z."

Zorro, Zorro, Zorrooooooo!

William Armstrong





In Monterey                                              He's Diego by day                                   But when the day turns to night              He's ready to fight                                  With his sword and his mask                   Zorro's ready for his task                      

Zorro, the fox so cunning and free         Zorro, who makes the sign of the "Z."   

Ms. Randi Scott





Fast as the wind                                                      On a horse he calls Tornado                               Rides the knight they've named "El Zorro"

By the law he is sought                                            But he will not be caught                                          For he truly is a Zorro

Zorro, who dares to risk both his life and limb      Zorro, the friend of the people, they sing of him.





Out of the east                                      When the king needs more cash            Comes the jackass named Basilio  

This crass magistrado                          Craves silver, land and gold                  But cannot beat El Zorro.                     

Zorro, with sword in hand, our hero dear Zorro, cuts the Z in the rear

Zorro, Zorro, Zorro.......

Susan Kite



Fueled by greed, he is evil indeed        Varga, also called the Eagle                He's cruel and he's bold but              Won't live to grow old.                         Not as long as there is Zorro.  





Mad with power and contempt                     The Eagle breezed into town                     Thinking he could bully de la Vega's     

But with right on his side                         Victory always resides                                With that horseman known as Zorro     

Zorro, chased Varga from the hacienda     Zorro, brought peace to all in the enda!

It didn't take long                                    For Spain's patriot song                           To ring out across the Pueblo

With nothing more to fear                          Free again the people hear                        Praises sung for their hero, El Zorro.      

Zorro, The Fox so cunning and free Zorro, Who makes the sign of the "Z"!





He brought from Spain,                      A faithful friend,                                 One who keeps his secret safe.     Bernardo is there,                           helping Zorro anywhere                   Can't talk but hears everything.    

Zorro... can trust him all of the time... Zorro... in his fight against the crime....



His sword is a flame,                                                         So heed well his name
Beware the bright sword of Zorro.
Every wrong he will right and for justice he fights
Dark angel of the night, El Zorro!





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